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That Walking Dead Priest!

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I wonder if there’s ever been a character who has worked my nerves more than the priest on The Walking Dead. Maybe Lori, when she seemed to egg Rick on to go after Shane and then acted all pissed off when he defended himself. But this guy, this Gabriel, claims to be a man of God and gets so very upset because there are drops of blood on the church floor, yet he locked his flock out of the church to die. And really, who knows what else he’s done? To top that off, Carl and Michonne are being super nice to him, and he still can’t get right. Now he’s snuck out of the church to run through the woods without a weapon. Is it wrong of me to look forward to some zombie making a pork chop out of him? Please say no, because when I saw that walker go after him, I wasn’t sad at all. Not at all.

I did get to see Rick this past Sunday and Daryl too, so I was a happy girl. I shrieked when it looked as if one of those walkers would munch on Daryl’s face. That is so not okay with me. I also can’t believe Sasha let herself get smashed into a window. Come on, she’d smarter than that! It must have been the grief. RIP Bob. Tyreese was interesting, stepping up with an opinion and not more of the “I won’t” stuff. No one else in my family is a fan of his character, but I like him. I’d like to see him regain some ummph.

I’m looking forward to the mid-season finale, but I wish we didn’t have to wait so long for new episodes of The Walking Dead after that. I can anticipate some serious Rick and Daryl withdrawal going on over here.

Alright, so on a reality note, I’m having a great week with my oldest girl spawn at home. I’m never so happy as when all 5 kids are under one roof. I hope you all have a great week and a fantastic Thanksgiving! Oh, and I lost 2 more pounds. What are the chances I can make it through the holiday without an abrupt about face in that department?


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