The Wolf’s Embrace by Suzette Rose Cauler

The Wolf’s Embrace

Novella #2 – The Paranormal Hunters Series

by Suzette Rose Cauler

The Wolf's Embrace by Suzette Rose Cauler

Title: The Wolf’s Embrace
Series: Paranormal Hunters Book 2
Author: Suzette Rose Cauler
Genre: erotic paranormal romance, paranormal, shifter, erotic, romance
E-Book Publication Date: June 2, 2015
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Story Description

Hunter Rowena Harlow finds herself at a crossroads. The alpha of the Midnight Pack, Kane Faelan, offers her a new life not only with his pack, but also in his arms. Though tempted by the alpha’s offer, Rowena knows she cannot accept. To do so would mean condemning his pack to an attack by her clan and him to almost certain death. But leaving the alpha behind isn’t as easy as she hopes. He’s not willing to surrender his mate, and she’s far from excited to go.

There’s no question in Kane’s mind that Rowena is exactly where she belongs–under his protection and in his arms. He will do anything to keep her safely with him. But Kane soon learns that mating a hunter is far from easy and the cost to keep her may be more than he can bear.

Can a hunter mate her prey? Will the price of love be death and destruction? Will Rowena sacrifice happiness to protect innocents, or will she risk everything for the wolf’s embrace?

The Wolf’s Embrace – A novella by Suzette Rose Cauler – Exclusively on Amazon!
This is the second novella in The Paranormal Hunters Series by Suzette.