The Hunter’s Kiss by Suzette Rose Cauler

The Hunter’s Kiss

Novella #1 – The Paranormal Hunters Series

by Suzette Rose Cauler

The Hunter's Kiss by Suzette Rose Cauler

Title: The Hunter’s Kiss
Series: Paranormal Hunters Book 1
Author: Suzette Rose Cauler
Genre: Erotic paranormal romance, paranormal, shifter, erotic, romance
E-Book Publication Date: April 21, 2015
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Story Description

What happens when a paranormal hunter falls for a wolf shifter? Nothing but trouble.

Rowena Harlow is a hunter sworn to protect humans by destroying the paranormal creatures who harm them. Kane Faelan is the alpha of a wolf pack who ends up on the wrong side of Rowena’s clan of hunters. When the two clash, Rowena has no problem taking him down. The problem is, she wants to take him home, too.

Fate must really have it in for Kane. Not only does he end up in an altercation with a beautiful but deadly hunter, but it turns out she’s his mate. He should hate her. He needs to hate her, but he can’t quite pull it off. She’s everything he’s ever wanted in a mate, except for the fact that she tries to kill him.

Rowena is a woman torn between duty and the kind of life she’s always wanted. The more she sees of Kane, the more he looks like just the man to heat up her nights. Their chemistry is undeniable, their situation impossible. Will Rowena find a way to fulfill her duty and follow her heart? Will Kane ever get enough of the hunter’s kiss?

The Hunter’s Kiss – A novella by Suzette Rose Cauler – Exclusively on Amazon!
This is the first novella in The Paranormal Hunters Series by Suzette.