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By Suzette Rose Cauler

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Sexy Excerpt Taking ChancesAdult Fiction

“Is this what you imagined while you touched yourself?” he asked, pulling back to look into her eyes.

As he held her gaze, Kane reached out and trailed two fingers between her breasts and then up and over each round globe in turn, circling the nipples, softly teasing their hardness. He moved as if he had all the time in the world. She started to look away, but he held the back of her head with his other hand, keeping her eyes on his as he stroked lower, caressing her trembling belly and down to her smooth mound.

“Or was it this?” he asked, caressing her cunt just as she had moments before. His touch was slow and gentle but the fire inside her built rapidly in response to it. She couldn’t deny that she wanted more. Yes, he’s definitely compelling me, she thought. But she didn’t care.

Dakota sighed involuntarily, and when Kane lightly parted her lower lips to touch his thumb to the opening of her pussy, she couldn’t help herself. She pressed forward, trying to get closer to his hand. He responded by drawing his thumb, wet with evidence of her arousal, up to lightly stroke her clit. The wave of pleasure she felt at his touch was almost unbearable.

She trembled as he claimed her mouth in a deep kiss, taking her as surely as he would if he’d stripped and penetrated her with his cock. Dakota was lost in lusting after the vampire who held her life in his hands. Logic tried to push its way to the front of her mind, but her body refused to allow it entry. Kane radiated sex, confidence and a certain purpose that made her stop caring what came next.

As the sexual tension built, Kane released her and began trailing hot kisses along the path his fingers had taken, finally going to his knees in front of the tub. He reached up and cupped her full ass, drawing her forward as he kissed his way closer and closer to her pussy. Just as her knees started to shake and she began to feel sure she would come at the first touch of his lips to her cunt, he lifted her still dripping form out of the tub. Pressing her back against the bathroom door and lifting her legs over his shoulders, he gave her an enigmatic look before burying his head between her slippery thighs.

She could feel his breath warm against her cunt as she closed her eyes, unable, unwilling to stop the wonderful madness. Dakota held on to him, breasts heaving in anticipation of feeling his tongue against her clit. She waited, growing impatient with desire and then squirming in an attempt to bring him in closer. His mouth was barely centimeters away from the current center of her existence, but…nothing. Reluctantly, she opened her eyes to find him looking up at her, a question in his eyes.

What the fuck,she thought. He suddenly wants permission? She knew she should use this delay to stall things—to put a stop to this. It seemed he wouldn’t continue without her say, but she just closed her eyes, leaned her head back against the wall and breathed the only answer possible to his unspoken question. “Please.”

Kane didn’t delay. He set about teasing her with his lips and tongue, nuzzling her thighs and licking around but never touching the swollen bud aching with such need she thought she would explode. She’d never felt as wanton as she did then, completely naked in the arms of a fully clothed vamp and on the verge of begging him to stop teasing and just fuck her any way he wanted. He continued to kiss, lick and nuzzle, toying with her but never bringing his tongue home. When she tried to pull his head closer, he used his iron-like strength to deny her.

Dakota didn’t think she could take much more of that kind of torture. She moaned loudly, completely unselfconscious as his lips and tongue pressed and tasted but refused to give her what she needed most. “I can’t… Please!” she begged, entangling her fingers in his hair, on the verge of screaming with wanting. “I can’t wait any longer!”

She thought she heard Kane laugh, but she couldn’t be sure because in the next instant he flicked his tongue between the lips of her cunt, finally touching just the tip of his tongue to the tip of her clit and thoroughly scattering what was left of her brains. She bucked against his face, and he gripped her buttocks, holding her steady as he massaged the throbbing bud with his masterful tongue. Flicking and rubbing, circling and suckling, he applied just the right amount of pressure, backing off when she got close to coming and then moving back in to rebuild the intensity once more. He prolonged her pleasure until she forgot she was solid and every bit of her awareness was centered between her legs.

All that mattered was the feel of his mouth and his tongue. All she cared about was that he not stop. She became mindless, writhing in his arms, holding his head close and fucking his mouth with pure abandon. And then it hit her. She exploded in an orgasm so strong it ripped a guttural cry from her throat and clamped his face between her thighs. She trembled and shook on his shoulders as he continued to gently lap at her cunt, licking the slickness that had gathered there. Dakota felt like jelly in his arms and silently prayed he wouldn’t set her on her feet. She doubted she could stand on her own.

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