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By Suzette Rose Cauler

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Sexy Excerpt Claiming HopeAdult Fiction

Adam took the steps two at a time and flung the door open, plastering his poker face on even as he hurried to get inside. He was just as excited as he always was to see Hope, but he couldn’t let her know that. As soon as he entered the kitchen, though, he realized something was off and stopped short, causing Levi to run into him from behind.

“What the hell?” Levi asked.

Adam shook his head slowly. “We’re in trouble, little brother. Serious trouble.” Neither of them had touched their mate since the night of Wes’s accident. They’d made a pact not to, and staying away from her had been the hardest thing he’d ever had to do. Looking at her then, standing in the kitchen dressed in a skimpy satin-and-lace number, he knew the night ahead would be even more difficult.

“Welcome home. I made dinner.” Hope waved a hand at the table, which was set for three. “Steaks, baked potatoes, and salad.”

Adam wasn’t a huge salad lover, but the rest of it smelled delicious. The problem was the only thing he really wanted on the menu was her. She walked over to the light switch and dimmed the lights, then lit the candles at the center of the table.

Levi was quick to take his seat, looking a lot like a puppy who’d been denied his favorite doggy treat for too long, and Adam guessed he probably looked the same. He took his own seat, half in a daze at the combination of her smell and exposed skin. She wasn’t wearing perfume, most likely because she remembered that it irritated his sensitive nose. Her arousal sharpened her natural scent. It was clear to him that her mind wasn’t really on dinner, either.

Adam couldn’t take his eyes off her as she served them. Every movement she made treated him to the sight of her creamy, smooth cleavage or her taut ass, covered only by a thin scrap of see-through material as she made a point of walking back and forth to the kitchen counter far more frequently than necessary.

Levi groaned from across the table, where Adam knew he had a better view of her crossed legs than he did. Hold it together, brother, he thought. If Levi gave up the fight, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from joining in.

The steak was rare and well-seasoned, just the way he liked it, but he might as well have been chewing leather for the attention he gave it. He reached for his beer and took a swig, practically choking on it as he felt her foot slide up his leg and back down again. “Hope, what is this?”

She didn’t answer, instead giving him a wicked smile and repeating the same path, this time making sure her toes grazed his crotch.

He pushed back from the table. “Thanks for dinner, Hope. Everything was delicious.” He needed to get out of there, maybe go for a run. He glanced over at Levi and saw that his brother had a death grip on his beer bottle. “Come on, Levi, let’s go for a quick run.”

Levi didn’t move a muscle, and Adam rounded the table to see Hope’s left hand making slow circles less than an inch away from his crotch. She didn’t even make an attempt to play innocent. She just stood up and leaned over to collect Levi’s plate, putting her hand on his shoulder and making sure her cleavage was close enough for Levi to bite. After she’d grabbed Levi’s plate, she made her way around the table, slowly sliding herself against Adam as she went.

He was a strong man, but his need for his mate was intense. He was on her in an instant. Threading his hands in her hair, he kissed her as if he’d been stranded on an island for a lifetime and she was the first woman he’d ever seen. Levi shoved the table out of the way to press himself against her from behind, kissing her neck as Adam got lost in her mouth.

When he finally released her mouth, Adam stared down into the beautiful eyes that haunted him in his sleep. “I can’t take it anymore. I need you, Hope. I know I should fight it, but I can’t.”

“You don’t have to. I don’t want you to.”

Levi sent the dishes crashing to the floor with a single sweep of his arm. Perfect. Adam had her on the table so fast he wasn’t quite sure how it happened. He began unwrapping her lingerie package from the top as Levi took the bottom.

“Oh, shit,” Levi said. “The panties…they’re crotch-less.”

Adam had to check for himself and groaned as his cock pressed painfully against his zipper. His hand came away covered in her cream and he put his fingers to his nose to take in her scent. Damn, she smelled sweet. He had to take her, hard and fast—just once more. Then he’d give her the slow loving she deserved after he’d gained better control of himself.

She spread her legs as he lowered his zipper and pushed his jeans down just far enough to maneuver. As he quickly entered her, she arched up off the table, taking all of him eagerly. He kissed her, tasting her tongue, and then pressed his mouth to her neck. Blood pounded in his ears as his inner wolf ordered him to claim her. He thrust into her and pulled back, then thrust in again, hearing her moans of pleasure and wondering how he’d ever held back for so long.

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