Operation Weight Loss Dieting Week 5

Operation Weight Loss With French Fries on the Menu?

Dieting Week 5

dieting week 5

It wasn’t such a hot idea to weigh myself at the end of last week. Why, you ask? Basically, that left only two days until my next weigh in, and I climbed on the scale to see no movement. Well, actually, it said I gained 2 ounces. Now, I know that means nothing since weight fluctuates a little each day, but it still annoys me to see it.

I was also bad today and ate a bunch of loaded fries. A BUNCH. So now, I really have to behave for the rest of this week. Those fries sure were good, though.

Right now, I just want to give up and tell myself I’ve lost enough. I’m sick of healthy eating lol But I know now is the time to work even harder. Eventually, eating well and exercising will become a habit again rather than a chore. It happened before, so it will happen again, right? Please say yes. The part of me that adores potato chips and donuts is so hoping the wants-to-be-healthy part is terribly and completely wrong.

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