Operation Weight Loss Dieting Week 3

Operation Weight Loss 1lb at a Time!

Dieting Week 3

I’m very happy to announce that I actually lost an amount worth reporting over the last week. The scale says I dropped a whole pound and my jeans do feel a little looser. One pound is great since my goal is losing four or five pounds each month.

dieting week 3

I did pretty well last week with my eating, despite scarfing leftover birthday cake a couple of nights after my daughter’s birthday. I concentrated on eating more fruits, vegetables, and protein and on asking myself if I was truly hungry before snacking. Sometimes I eat just to have a taste of something rather than because I’m actually on empty. And too often my tasting turns into eating the whole damned thing.

I also managed to get some exercise in. I wasn’t quite perfect, but I did an hour of Just Dance four times last week, so that’s good. This week I’m going to head out for some walks and maybe a little jogging. I like exercising in the fresh air, but sometimes life, parenting, edits, and deadlines get in the way. Just Dance is fun for me, so when I can’t get out (or don’t feel like getting dressed enough to leave the house) I dance.

My goal for this week is to stick to my goal of eating 1500 calories per day and to actually exercise 5 times this week. Of course, this only works if I have something yummy ready to eat when I feel a sweet tooth attack coming on. So I’m going to nosh on Chocolate Mint Bars when my sweet tooth gets me this week. Oh. My. God, they look delicious. I found then on Cooking Light’s website. Check them out. I really don’t have time to make these, though, so I’m going to beg one of my daughters to do it. Hey, it’s the least they can do after all those labor pains.

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