NEW RELEASE Nikki’s Fated by Suzette Rose Cauler

Just Published! Book 1 in the Wolves of River’s Bend Series – New Release Nikki’s Fated by Suzette Rose Cauler

New Release Nikki's Fated

New Release Nikki’s Fated

by Suzette Rose Cauler

EBook Publication Date: November 5, 2014
Book 1 Wolves of River’s Bend Series

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Book Description

Wolf shifter Nikki Black never expected her love life to mean the difference between lasting peace and all-out war. Especially when her fated, Luke Andres, wants nothing to do with her. Forced to join to prevent bloodshed between their rival clans, Nikki and Luke enjoy a blistering night of passion before facing another complication—Luke’s brother is also Nikki’s destined mate.

Mason Andres is passionate, loving, and sexy, and Nikki falls hard for him, thrilled that he feels the same. She wants the same love-match with Luke, but that’s the one thing Luke can’t risk giving her. Fighting destiny to keep his heart safe from the only woman who can claim it, Luke makes plans that could separate them for good. But when love and passion run soul-deep, fate can overturn even the best-laid plans.

Will Luke admit his love for Nikki before it’s too late, or will his wounded heart destroy the trio’s shot at lasting happiness?

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New Release Nikki's Fated by Suzette Rose Cauler

eBook Excerpt from Nikki’s Fated

“Nikki—” her father began, clearly not getting that she didn’t want to talk to him.

“Excuse us.” A large hand reached between them to take Nikki’s arm. “They’re playing our song.” It was Luke, and Nikki wouldn’t have been more surprised if one of the guests suddenly sprouted wings and flew away. He was asking to dance with her? Was that a smile she saw? Nikki actually looked to the sky for the lightning that was sure to strike at any minute.


Adult eBook Excerpt from Nikki’s Fated

Groaning, Mason set Nikki on her feet. He wanted that dress off. It was a gorgeous piece of material that left her shoulders and back bare but at that moment, it was the enemy. He was impatient to see her body again, and this time, get to enjoy it, as was his right as her mate. Mason could understand why his brother had ripped her nightgown off the night before. He had the same impulse, but he took a deep breath and steeled himself to unwrap her like the gift she was.


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