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New Author Nikki Love and The Hunter’s Kiss

The Hunter's Kiss by Nikki Love

What happens when a paranormal hunter falls for a wolf shifter? Nothing but trouble.

Rowena Harlow is a hunter sworn to protect humans by destroying the paranormal creatures who harm them. Kane Faelan is the alpha of a wolf pack who ends up on the wrong side of Rowena’s clan of hunters. When the two clash, Rowena has no problem taking him down. The problem is, she wants to take him home, too.

Fate must really have it in for Kane. Not only does he end up in an altercation with a beautiful but deadly hunter, but it turns out she’s his mate. He should hate her. He needs to hate her, but he can’t quite pull it off. She’s everything he’s ever wanted in a mate, except for the fact that she tries to kill him.

Rowena is a woman torn between duty and the kind of life she’s always wanted. The more she sees of Kane, the more he looks like just the man to heat up her nights. Their chemistry is undeniable, their situation impossible. Will Rowena find a way to fulfill her duty and follow her heart? Will Kane ever get enough of the hunter’s kiss?

This sexy romance novella is the first installment of a series.

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Sighing, Rowena secured her horse, Layla, and took her position. Commenting on her recent expressions of doubt, Holden had positioned her far from the battle. She was to hide there in the shadows of the early morning and ambush any unlucky wolves who happened to come running her way. He obviously didn’t trust her on the front lines, and that was smart. Still, it was her duty to aid the clan for as long as she remained a part of it, so she hoped no one came running in her direction.

Considering it unlikely that anyone would turn tail and run since werewolves usually stood their ground, Rowena was shocked when the crisp autumn air brought the scent of wolf to her nose. She couldn’t smell animals far off in the distance, so this meant the wolf was close. Walking almost soundlessly, as the best hunters could do, Rowena ventured toward the smell, using the trees and brush for cover.

At first, she saw nothing at all and began to second-guess herself. It was only when she was ready to head back to her original post that she saw them. A large wolf, so huge it had to be the alpha, was leading three smaller wolves toward the edge of the forest. Rowena raised her bow and aimed, but her breath caught in her throat at the sight of them fleeing. Could she harm beings that were so obviously in search of safety? And two of them were pups. Could she hit what appeared to be their parents? She slowly released her breath, trying to remain invisible to the wolves. The answer was no, she couldn’t. She’d wait until they were gone and head back to Layla. Turning, she checked on her horse, which stood just a bit in the distance, happily munching on some sort of vegetation.

When she turned back, she came face to face with the massive wolf she’d allowed to escape. His tawny brown eyes looked directly into hers as he snarled and growled, making his anger at her presence known. He was very close, too close, but Rowena raised her bow anyway, hoping he’d see its silver arrowhead and simply run. The alpha narrowed his eyes but didn’t back off, choosing instead to lunge forward, knocking her backward onto the forest floor.

Rowena grappled with the wolf, grabbing chunks of his thick fur as she fought to keep his snapping mouth away from her neck. Her strength was great, but the wolf had the advantage of sheer size. Strong as she was, she couldn’t snap his neck with brute strength alone, and she couldn’t get to the knife she always kept tucked close to her ankle. Releasing the wolf’s head would mean a certain bite. As it was, she was probably in for that anyway.

Using her legs, she managed to push the wolf off her and send him skidding a few steps, but he was back on her with a vengeance. She fought to hold him off, but she was outmatched and he pressed forward, forcing her arms to bend inward and touching his muzzle to her neck. With his hot breath on her flesh, she prepared herself for the bite—the one that would rip out her throat and leave her to die in the forest. She continued to struggle, her will to live strong, but she knew it was futile. The alpha had already won the fight.

The alpha’s teeth touched her skin, clamping down for what seemed like an eternity but didn’t truly bite. She was racking her brain for something to try, anything she could do to save herself, when the huge wolf pushed roughly away from her and took off. Rowena sprang to her feet, adrenaline coursing through her body and allowing her to ignore the bumps and bruises that would surely show later. She sprinted to her horse, plowing through the brush to swing up into the saddle and pursue the alpha. He wasn’t heading in the direction of the wolves he’d led to safety. He was going back toward the battle, back to her people. Misguided though they were, she couldn’t allow him to return and harm them.

Layla was well-trained and didn’t spook as Rowena spurred her into motion after the wolf and toward the smell of death Rowena couldn’t ignore. She plowed after the alpha in hot pursuit, rapidly closing the distance despite his head start. Tree branches and prickly bushes scraped at her as she chased him through the forest, but Rowena barely felt them. She was mindless in her hunt, thinking only of the lives she’d save by taking the wolf down. Reaching a clearing, Rowena signaled Layla to stop and pulled her bow in a fluid motion, drawing it, and aiming for the kill shot.



Of their own accord, her hands reached down and tangled themselves in his hair while her pelvis arched toward his mouth, saying without speech that it was exactly what she wanted. He removed her panties one-handed, using a big palm to hold her in place, almost as if he thought she planned to turn away. He needn’t have worried. There was no chance of that. Rowena could not have moved if she wanted to.

Had she ever been so wet or so ready? She breathlessly anticipated the feel of his mouth on her sex, even as she felt she couldn’t wait a moment longer to feel his cock inside her. But when she felt the first flick of his tongue on her cunt, she realized it was worth waiting for. All feeling and thought was lost. Warmth rushed between her legs as he gently licked her nether lips before parting them and touching just the tip of his tongue to her already-swollen, aching clit.

Rowena almost screamed at the touch. Later, she wouldn’t be so sure she hadn’t screamed as he began to gently caress her clit with his tongue and lips. She couldn’t keep still. The sensations were too much, and she found herself grinding her cunt against his face as he alternated between licking the juices from her opening and teasing her clit with his mouth. The tugging of his lips drove her insane as he sucked on the swollen, hard bud. She leaned back against the wall, finding it hard to support herself as he deepened the pressure, no longer gentle, and made love to her cunt with his mouth.

When he stopped to caress her clit with his fingers, she thought the oral love was over. He was just as talented with his hands, though, and she didn’t feel too bereft. But just as she was straining against his hand, he removed that, too. She opened her mouth to say something, although she wasn’t sure what. Nothing ever came out because in the next minute, he slid a finger inside her, her walls so slick he faced no resistance, and simultaneously resumed his up and down, circular lapping of her clit.

“Kane,” she called, her voice sounding strange to her own ears. “Please, oh, please,” she begged. She could no longer articulate what she wanted, but that was okay; he seemed to get it. He inserted a second finger in her grasping pussy and pumped in and out, using his other hand to hold her ass and never letting up the constant wet, hot pressure of his tongue.

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