NEW RELEASE: Gifted to the Alphas Part Three

Gifted to the Alphas Part 3 by Suzette Rose Cauler


Thrice bitten, Cara Michaels has been thrust into a whole new life. First, a rogue wolf bit her in the hopes of starting a war and then alphas Hunter and Liam bit her to claim her as their mate.

Before Cara can figure out what it means to be suddenly wolf, she must make it through the torture of her transformation. The big question is will she survive, and if her new mates keep trying to rein her in, will they?

Unfortunately, the transformation isn’t the only thing Cara has to worry about. First, there are the human rights activists who see her as an abomination, and then there are her mates, who see her as their responsibility. Will Cara live long enough to enjoy all the perks of being mated to the alphas? And will she have their love or only their protection?

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