NEW RELEASE: Gifted to the Alphas – The Complete Series

box_setlargeCara Michaels has guarded her purity like a priceless jewel. But she’s not saving herself for marriage. All she wants is to be selected for The Gifting.

Every four years, the Council of Lycaon holds a summit for the alphas of The Alliance. At its end, the alphas are presented with a selection of hand-picked, untouched volunteers. Each alpha can choose one volunteer to enjoy and indulge for a single night.

Cara has waited years for the right time to volunteer. Previous volunteers describe The Gifting as a mind-blowing introduction to passion, and Cara decided long ago that she was all over that.

The only obstacle is the competition. Most of the volunteers are slim and beautiful while Cara is BBW and proud of it. Cara knows she’s the whole package and can only hope the alphas will see that as well.

Alphas Hunter Dawson and Liam Kendrick plan to skip The Gifting. They prefer a curvy woman to the usual volunteers, but meeting Cara changes both of their minds. She’s beautiful and smart, with the dangerous curves they love. The problem is, only one alpha can select her.

Will Cara get to enjoy her first night of passion with the alpha of her dreams? Will she choose Hunter or Liam? And why can’t she just have both alphas–for good?

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