Gifted to the Alphas Part 2 by Suzette Rose Cauler

Gifted to the Alphas Part 2

Novelette #2 – The Alpha Heat Series

by Suzette Rose Cauler

Gifted to the Alphas Part 2 by Suzette Rose Cauler

Title: Gifted to the Alphas Part 2 Series: Alpha Heat Book 2 Author: Suzette Rose Cauler Genre: erotic paranormal romance, paranormal, shifter, erotic, romance, bbw E-Book Publication Date: June 21, 2015 Exclusively on Amazon

Story Description

With The Gifting over, Cara has to return to her hometown and her normal life. But after a night with alpha shifters Hunter and Liam, she wonders how she’ll ever be satisfied with anything so mundane again. Even worse, they may have ruined her interest in human men for good. Hunter and Liam seem as reluctant to let her go as she is to leave them, but they all know it’s for the best. Neither alpha is in the market for a mate, and deep down Cara knows it’s time to get back to the real world, even if it can’t hold a candle to her wolf shifters. Cara boards the bus for home, expecting to get back to her life, but instead encounters a group of shifters bent on changing her life for good. When the unthinkable happens, Cara faces a life or death situation and realizes the comforts of a thoroughly human existence aren’t so bad after all. When an entire bus of human women goes missing on their watch, Hunter and Liam go all out to find Cara and bring her back safely. Can they find their sexy human before it’s too late or will another wolf take what’s meant to be theirs? And if they do get her back, will they let her go again?

Gifted to the Alphas Part 2 – A novelette by Suzette Rose Cauler – Exclusively on Amazon!
This is the second novelette in The Alpha Heat Series by Suzette.