Sexy Excerpt Taking Chances Bonus

 BONUS: An Erotic Excerpt from Taking Chances

Scene “Caught in the Act!”

One of my favorite scenes. Dakota gets caught in the act!

Adult Fiction

This was her second day at the hotel. She’d arrived around dawn after the vamp party and had decided to pamper herself with good food, junky television, and long, hot soaks until Alon arrived. She guessed there was a fifty percent chance that she’d never get to do any of these things again. 

Dakota wasn’t afraid to die. She knew it wasn’t really an end. It was the pain her death would cause her mother that gave her the most pause. That, and the idea that the soul-suckers might get away with what they’d done, filled her with anger. And of course, if there were any choice, she’d much rather live to be old and gray.

Lifting her leg from the steamy bubbles, she absentmindedly rubbed the slippery skin, admiring her pedicure. Dakota struggled to remember when she’d last been laid. It had been a quite a while, and her encounter with Elijah had been intoxicating. erotic excerpt Taking ChancesHe was a playboy and a vamp, but she couldn’t help recalling the feel of his hard muscles against her, the smoky eyes that lit a flame in her belly, and that talented mouth. Its full lips had almost made her forget her mission. And his tongue…Moving her hand languorously up her thigh, she imagined his tongue tenderly suckling her clit instead of just caressing the inside of her mouth. Elijah was rumored to be an epic lover.

Dakota steadily moved her hand up as she thought of him. She imagined his wavy, dark hair tickling her thighs while his tongue drew a wet line over her pussy lips, gently parting her folds to touch its tip to her. She drew a finger in slow, steady circles over her cunt, applying gradually increasing pressure, just as she imagined he would.

Sinking lower into the tub, she allowed a single finger to reach further, pressing against her inflamed bud. Dakota wondered what a night in Elijah’s bed would have been like and allowed her imagination to take off in that direction as she pressed and stroked, picking up a slow rhythm that soon had her eyelids at half-mast and her breath coming in soft pants. 

“Enjoying yourself?” came a deep male voice. It snapped her out of the moment, and she gasped, trying to clamber from the tub but slipping and almost cracking her head on unyielding porcelain in the process.

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