Book Reviews The Secret-Keeper’s Choice

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Book Reviews The Secret-Keeper’s Choice

Book Reviews The Secret-Keeper's Choice

“Excellent and beautifully written!

Four stars would not have done this book justice, so I gave it the 5 stars it so richly deserved.
… The love that Daria, Joshua and Holden shared, although sometimes tempestuous, was very well thought out and executed, and the sex was hot and sizzling...” –  according to Silke. (5 stars)

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“Blazing Hot Menage Romance!!! Awesome!

I was very excited to get this book. I see and read so many love triangles but none that ever come to fruition. Here’s a love triangle where the woman, the secret-keeper, gets her choice of two incredibly hot vampires...She’s a different kind of paranormal, an immortal but not a secret-keeper, and the author introduced another type of paranormal character in the book as well. This is the second book I’ve read by this author, and she’s made a forever fan out of me!.” – according to Starlight Girl. (5 stars)

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