Fated for Mikayla Excerpt

Read An Excerpt from Fated for Mikayla

By Suzette Rose Cauler

Book Excerpt Fated for Mikayla
Book Excerpt Fated for Mikayla by Suzette Rose Cauler

Mikayla woke up in a darkened room, wondering two things. One was where the hell she was, because she didn’t think she was in her bed. The other was why her head felt so strange. Then it came back to her. The twinges she felt were because she’d been attacked, and oh shit, she was likely in her attacker’s bed, except she no longer felt like a raging nympho in the grip of a sex-starved heat. That was very clearly because the Prince Charming from hell wasn’t around. The room held only a twin-sized bed, a dresser that looked like it had been around since the dawn of time, and a rickety nightstand. She didn’t see a phone nor her purse, which held her cell phone and her weapons. Mr. Awful must have that as well as her jacket and her shoes, though she remained fully clothed.

Hearing voices in the distance, she crept out of bed, fighting against the dizziness that threatened to claim her and slowly making her way to the room’s only window. It was barred, so she couldn’t climb out. Mikayla tested the bars. She was stronger than a human woman, but she couldn’t just yank them off. Fitting her hands between the bars, she tried the window and was surprised but gratified to find that she could lift it a few inches. Cold air rushed in and she kneeled down to see if she could spot anyone on the street. Damn. No such luck.

It was dark outside, but from what she could see, the window either faced the back of the building or the side. The cement construction that served as the room’s view was most likely another building. Screaming would only alert her attacker to the fact that she was up, as it seemed extremely unlikely that anyone would hear her and come to her rescue.

Mikayla quietly shut the window. She’d have to find another escape. The door to the room had been left slightly open, so she crept toward it to peer out. There was a light on in the hall, but she couldn’t see very far, not without opening the door all the way. What she could do was hear people talking, including the one who had attacked her. Her mate.

Both voices were male, deep, and angry. “Why the fuck did you let her get hurt?”

Her mate’s voice growled. “What else was I supposed to do? Let her scream and bring them all running?”

“What does she weigh? A buck twenty?” the other voice snarled.

“Let’s just decide what to do next. Okay? Standing here arguing won’t help.”

“So what’s your brilliant plan for getting our mate to trust us after you attacked her like that?” the other man asked. “Damn, you’re such a bonehead.”

Mikayla needed to sit down. Our mate? Their mate? Both of them? She was glad they weren’t in scenting range. If they came too close, she couldn’t be sure she wouldn’t simply strip for them instead of trying to get away. She’d always fantasized about the day she would meet her fated, and it was an incredible letdown to discover they were criminals. At least they hadn’t taken her clothes off. One of them had knocked her out cold and put her to bed, but he apparently hadn’t wanted to take things that far.

“Easy for you to criticize. You weren’t the one fighting her. She bit me!”

“Big deal. The big scary she-wolf bit you. What did you expect? She probably thought you were some maniac planning to take her home and chop her into little pieces or something.”

“I could have let her scream and blow our whole operation. Maybe you’d rather our mate end up in Ulric’s hands instead. You should be thanking me, dickhead.”

“Shh… Shut up. I think she’s listening,” dickhead said.

How did he know? Mikayla was sure she hadn’t made a sound. What should she do? Should she try to run? She had no idea where she was or how to get out of there. And to top that off, she didn’t feel too steady on her feet. No, she’d get back in the bed and wait for her chance grab a weapon and escape.

Mikayla had barely made it back to the bed when the door creaked open. She closed her eyes, pretending to sleep. If she was lucky, they’d think Dickhead had been wrong and she hadn’t been up after all. Her breathing, though. She could only hope it didn’t give her away.

The nearness of her mates immediately threw her body back into overdrive, whether they were criminals or not. Her wolf wanted to present herself to them, and an image of her on the bed with her bare ass pointed toward the ceiling flitted through her mind. She hadn’t even gotten a good look at them, knew nothing about them except that they were probably worst type of men, yet her clit throbbed so much she had to stop herself from reaching down to touch it.

Damn fate and biology to twin boiling hells because her body didn’t care what kind of men they were. It only cared that her mates were in the room. One of them inhaled deeply and noisily, and she knew he’d scented her arousal. Holy fucking hell.


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