Claiming Hope Excerpt

Read An Excerpt from Claiming Hope

By Suzette Rose Cauler

Book Excerpt Claiming Hope
Book Excerpt Claiming Hope by Suzette Rose Cauler

They’d coaxed her into the living room to discuss whatever it was they had to tell her. Hope had insisted on getting into her clothes first, but decided she’d better listen before she took off. Whatever it was sounded pretty heavy. Adam and Levi had wanted her to sit between them on the big, cushy sofa, but Hope had refused, picking one of the armchairs. If she didn’t like what they had to say, she wanted to be in position for a speedy getaway. Besides, sitting between them would only make her hormones go wacky again. Even sitting across the room from them, it was hard to keep her mind off sex.

Adam sat forward on the couch in just a pair of cutoff shorts, looking powerful and sexy as hell, yet nervous at the same time. He pinned her with another look that excited her fight-or-flight response. She wanted to either run like hell or strip and beg him to take her again.

“Okay,” Adam began. “What we have to say is going to shock you, but all we ask is that you keep an open mind and hear us out before you say anything.”

She cringed. “Oh, no. Please, please don’t tell me one of you is married. Or both of you?”

Levi shook his head. “No. Nothing like that.”

“Look. Just spit it out. All of this build up is making me nervous.”

Adam cleared his throat. “Well, for starters, we want you in our bed every night, Hope. You’re our fated—our mate. This was never about a one-night stand for us.”

“All-righty, then.” Hope stood up. She’d had enough, and this sounded like the beginning of some bad joke. She wasn’t at all interested in hearing the punch line. “Last night was…nice. And I appreciate everything you did for me. But I’ve got to go.”

“Please, sit down, Hope,” Adam said.

Despite the polite please, it sounded like a command and Hope’s knees bent of their own accord. She had to fight the impulse to obey him.

“All I’m asking is that you hear us out.”

“Um…No. I’m leaving. Give me a call, okay?” Hope had no intention of taking their calls, but she wanted to make her exit as politely as possible. She didn’t bother waiting for an answer and instead strode purposefully out of the room, swiping her car keys from the kitchen counter on her way to the door. They’d lost her at “fated mate.” She didn’t believe in fate, and that wording had thoroughly weirded her out.

“Hope! Stop.” Adams voice, commanding as it was, brought her to a grinding halt, and she stopped and turned around, annoyed at both them and her ridiculous need to obey.

“You have ten seconds to say whatever it is, and then I’m out of here. Just stop right there and tell me whatever it is that’s so important, or I’m gone.” In spite of herself, and as crazy as it was, she wanted to hear what was critical enough to cause such dramatic behavior.

“We’re wolves, Hope. We’re wolf shifters,” Levi said.

At first, Hope couldn’t move. All she could do was look from Levi’s face to Adam’s, shocked at how serious they looked. They weren’t playing some sick, stupid joke. They believed they were wolves. The hysterical laughter threatened to bubble up again, but Hope squashed that shit back down and broke for the door, running for all she was worth from the madmen she’d willingly bedded last night.

She made it to the door and wrenched it open, lunging through it, dropping her keys on the ground like some ditzy woman in a bad horror movie. They burst through the door after her but then slowed to a walk. She could feel their eyes on her as she dashed toward the car she no longer held the keys to and came to an abrupt halt, unsure what her next step should be. She wasn’t too keen on being chased through the woods, so as they walked toward her, she furiously searched the ground for a weapon.

All she could find was a rusty old shovel. She made a dash for it, picking it up and brandishing it with what she hoped was a threatening posture. “Stay the hell back! I’m just going to go get my keys and leave. We’ll forget this ever happened. I won’t say a word to anyone.”

“Fuck. She’s afraid of us,” Adam said to Levi.

The only saving grace was that they stopped moving toward her, so, keeping them in her line of vision, she arced a wide circle back toward the porch, climbed the stairs, and bent to retrieve her keys, all while keeping the shovel at the ready. She saw the men exchange a look, and just as her fingers grazed her keys, Adam changed right before her eyes.

Levi looked at her with a mixture of trepidation and sympathy. “Proof, baby.”

Hope screamed and dropped the shovel, barreling back into their house and locking the door behind her. She wasted no time in snatching up the phone she’d seen on the table in the kitchen, grabbing a large knife from the counter, and sprinting to barricade herself in the guestroom. She dialed 911 as soon as she was inside, fingers shaking and tears falling as her mind turned over and over what she’d just seen. In Adam’s place had stood a huge wolf with thick black fur, and some of the bluest eyes she’d ever seen. Blue, just like Adam’s.

“911. What’s your emergency?”

As was to be expected, the 911 operator didn’t believe a man had just turned into a huge black wolf with blue eyes, but she claimed a unit was on its way anyhow. Hope told her to send two. Then she dialed her sister.

“Hello?” Sarah answered on the third ring, sounding altogether too normal for what was turning out to be a nightmarish morning.

Hope could barely force the words out. “I called the police. You won’t believe what just happened. I have to get out of here.” She twisted her hand in her hair, which was still tangled from last night’s fucking. “Oh shit, Sarah. He…he turned into a wolf!”

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