Avery and Her Wolf Excerpt

Read An Excerpt from Avery and Her Wolf

By Suzette Rose Cauler

Book Excerpt Avery and Her Wolf
Book Excerpt Avery and Her Wolf

Avery should scream, run, call the police, and all the things human females were supposed to do when a naked man showed up uninvited on their property. But she didn’t. She just stared at him, and with his keen vision, he could all too easily see the expressions flitting across her face. Shock, disgust, anger, and determination took turns before she disappeared from the window.

It took Chase a minute to get moving. He had to get to Avery before she called the police. He didn’t want to be escorted off the property and labeled a stalker, or worse. If that happened, he didn’t know how he’d get close to her. No, he had to have her—now. He’d simply explain who he was and why he was there. She’d believe him, right? He knew the answer was no, but he had to try. And time was limited. She was smart, so she’d probably already called the police.

Feeling like he was racing her fear, he made it the front door, and knocked. He could hear the dog running to the door, his barks sounding even more excited. “Open up, Avery,” he yelled. “I can explain.” Lame. If he was a woman, he wouldn’t open the door either. “I swear it’s not what you think.”

Of course she wasn’t going to just let him in, bare ass and all. “Okay, don’t open it. Just come to the door so I can talk to you. Call the police if you have to, but let me explain before they get here.” If he had to guess, he had a good twenty minutes or so before the police could get there. “Please, Avery. Please just let me know you can hear me.” He banged on the door a few more times, then begged like a dog for a treat.

Chase no longer expected her to open the door, but he did hope curiosity would make her listen to what he had to say. He was shocked speechless, though, when the door opened and Roscoe barreled into him, barking, wagging his tale, and trying to jump up to lick his face. What surprised him the most, though, was the shot gun pointed at his face. And then she cocked it.

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