Reality Versus Perfection – How Do You Like Your Characters?

Reality Versus Perfection

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Dear Authors & Readers: How Do You Like Your Characters?

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I stumbled upon a review of another author’s erotic fiction recently. The title had some very good reviews, but one reader was very specific about why she didn’t like the book. It featured a plus-size woman as the heroine and had two men lusting after her. Apparently, the reader felt there was no way these two hot guys would salivate over this big woman. She felt it was unrealistic.

Now, I have heard two points of view on this. Some say romantic fiction is all about creating a fantasy, and that includes creating ideal characters. I could take issue with that. After all, who can say what ideal is, and there are all types of beauty, yet I often create characters that I view as super hot, with, say, perfect abs, butt, breasts, eyes, hair (you get the point). I create what I view as ideal for my story, which is entirely fantasy and not at all what I’d expect out of real life. I have also enjoyed books with characters that were more realistic. Some of my favorites have a main character describing how a love interest’s mouth is too generous or the hero’s nose is slightly crooked, and then going on to describe how the perceived imperfection made the person that much hotter. Likewise, I read one book in which the heroine was self-conscious about her less firm breasts (after lactating) and the extra weight she was carrying post baby. Her two lovers couldn’t wait to touch her–over and over again.  

There’s no doubt about it. There are people who love, and get all hot and bothered for, all shapes and sizes. But when you’re reading a romantic/erotic book, which do you prefer: fantasy perfection or relatable reality?

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