Author Excitement and Anxiety with New Book Release

Anticipating New Book Release

Author Excitement and Anxiety

author excitement and anxietyI’m usually pretty calm about my books. I make it through the writing and the continuous revising without pulling out too much of my hair. I do sweat bullets over some scenes, trying to get them just right, but nothing gives me quite the stomach ache I get while waiting for release day.

Release day is just hours away… and I’m filled with anticipation, anxiety and excitement!

I’m good until I know it’s just several hours away. Then I lose my mind, actually becoming nauseated over whether or not you, dear reader, will like it.

I question just about everything in the book, including the parts I have loved the entire time and drive myself crazy second-guessing myself.

Then, I look at my sales, comparing it to previous books, trying to judge by pre-order stats just how well this one measures up. I close my laptop or put my phone down, deciding to go do something else, anything else for a while, but I always end up right back to wringing my hands and anxiously waiting.

I want you to like it. I really, really, want you to like it.

This anxiety is only second to when I hit “Submit” and send my manuscript out to the publisher. Is it good enough? Will it be accepted? When will I hear back? Am I sure I sent it to the right place? I check. Yes, it went to the right place, but did I forget to include critical information? Did my computer somehow malfunction and send my email to some dark, gloomy cyber graveyard?

This goes on until I receive the confirmation that my submission package was received. Then, I can calm down a bit and just focus my worrying on whether or not the publisher will want it.

The good news is that mixed in with all of this anxiety is wild excitement over the fact that my latest book, filled with characters, scenes and settings I adore, is on its way into this world. In only a little over 4 hours and counting down to Release Day!


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