NEW RELEASE Abigail’s Acquiescence by Tara Rose

New Release Abigail’s Acquiescence by Tara Rose

Abigail's Acquiescence by Tara Rose
MFM romance, fantasy, capture, May-December, anal sex, double penetration, spanking, paddling, flogging, bondage, consensual BDSM
Word Count: 41512

Book Description

When Abigail Dawson is compelled by forces she can’t understand to buy an erotic painting in an antique store, she discovers it’s actually a portal to an alternate universe. Once there, she’s forced to become a sex slave to princes Jarrett and Colton, but quickly gives her heart to them as well as her body.

Jarrett and Colton are descended from one of the true kings of Ashdown. They belong to an elite group of princes who use the magick of the erotic paintings discovered centuries ago to lure women into their world for their unique sexual perversions. But as they take what is their birthright from Abigail, each man loses his heart to her in the process.

When an ancient threat from Ashdown’s enemies turns out to be within their castle walls, Jarrett and Colton become deadly pawns in a race against politics and time to save the woman they love.

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The first strike on her pussy hurt like crazy, but when he then tapped it across her breasts, she bit her lip as tears spilled over her lids. They exchanged a quick glance, and then he brought it down across her pussy again. The next strike on her breasts wasn’t as forceful as the first, and the last of his five blows was across her pussy.

She thought they were going to turn her over again, but Jarrett took over once more, and he gave her three strikes on her breasts and two on her pussy. He also went easier on her breasts, but the pain was crazy now. She also was so excited she was afraid she was going to climax again. Would they know if she did when their fingers or dicks weren’t inside her? Was it worth the risk to try?

They turned her over for the last five on her ass from Colton, and he didn’t spare her at all. She yelled and tried to get away but she was restrained too tightly and couldn’t move anything except her head. Tears ran down her face when he finally finished, but they didn’t let her up. Instead she heard the stopper pop out of a bottle, and then a warm, oily finger slid into her asshole.

She moaned as he moved it in and out, relaxing as the pleasure enveloped her. He withdrew it, and then two were inserted, gently stretching the walls. She thought she knew what they were going to do, and she wanted it. It was only right they should be the first men to fuck her in the ass.

No one else but these two will ever fuck you again.

That thought clanged back and forth in her brain as the men took turns finger-fucking her in the ass. It didn’t hurt, and she wondered if she was simply used to it now, or if there was something in the oil that desensitized her. Then again, it did feel pretty damn incredible, so that wasn’t it. She giggled softly as she realized she was doing it again. She was analyzing every damn thing.

Colton crossed the room, and when he returned, one of them rubbed the same balm they’d used on her the other night into the wounds the cane had made. She sighed as the coolness spread over her skin. Then something large and covered in oil slid into her pussy, and she groaned in pleasure.

They left it inside, and she wondered if it was a dildo. When she heard the sound of condoms being put on, she was surprised. “You have those here?”

“Of course we do,” said Colton. “The potion protects against pregnancy, but some kinds of sex are messy.” Colton teased her asshole with the head of his sheathed dick. “I’ve used oil on it,” he said. “Try to keep breathing and stayed relaxed. It will help.”

His voice sounded like he was barely hanging on, and Abigail was now even more determined to make this pleasant for all of them. She closed her eyes and forced her breathing to stay deep and even as he slipped his cock into her ass. The fullness was very uncomfortable at first, especially with the dildo in her pussy, but once she grew used to it, it was delicious.

“Oh, Abigail…please tell me you’re okay. Do you like this? You’re so fucking tight but it feels incredible.”

“I love it, Sire.”

He fucked her slowly, rubbing her ass cheeks and lower back as he did so. When he pulled out, Jarrett slid his dick into her, and that was easier to take since she was now used to it. “Oh we have to do this more often. Baby, you’re so tight.”

Had he just called her baby?

Jarrett fucked her deep and slow, and each thrust massaged her clit because of the dildo. She knew she was going to come again, and this time she didn’t even care. She didn’t want to do or say anything that would make them stop.

They switched places again, and now Colton thrust a bit faster, and that did it. Abigail couldn’t stop the climax.

“I knew you’d come again.” He slapped her ass, but it was half-hearted. “You didn’t even try to stop it, did you?”

“Couldn’t, Sire.” She could hardly talk right now.

“This is incredible. Let’s give Jarrett another turn so he can feel your orgasm.”

Jarrett took his turn again and caressed the sides of her breasts as he teased her close to a third climax. “I think she’s close again. She’s going to do it. I just know she is.”

All she could do was whimper, not even caring how many strikes with the cane it would mean if she really did come again. Finally, he pulled out, and then they slid the dildo out of her pussy. They removed their condoms, and then took off the cuffs and spreader bar. Jarrett carried her into her bedroom and laid her on the bed, while Colton deposited condoms and the oil on her nightstand.

They took turns holding her and kissing her, and Abigail was out of her mind with desire. She wanted them inside her at the same time, in every hole. She’d gladly take another two canings if it meant fucking them both at the same time.

“Tell us what you want,” said Jarrett. “Say it.”

“Oh, please.”

“Tell us,” said Colton. “We want to hear you say it.”

“Fuck me. Both of you. Please.”

Jarrett cupped her face. “Where? Where do you want our cocks, baby? Tell us.”

“One in my pussy and one in my ass.”

“What will you give us for granting your request?” asked Colton, massaging her clit.


“Be careful, Abigail. We’ll hold you to that.”

“I mean it, Sire.” She had to have them. Nothing else would do.

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